Saturday, May 5, 2007

Supreme Seat-mate?

So... on the way back from the fantastically successful Crash event in Houston, something pretty weird happened with this lady that I sat next to on the plane.

Don't, Todd... just don't.

Anyway, I think I recognize her... you know? I think she is somebody pretty important. But that can't be right because we are flying Southwest. Important people don't fly Southwest... do they? She's reading this Philip Yancy book about prayer (I don't remember the title) and I am becoming more convinced that she is exactly who I think she is. She turns to me and says something like, "I feel like I have to read every page 2-3 times to understand what this guy is saying."

So, she started the conversation. I wasn't just bugging her while reading.

I asked her what her final destination was. "D.C."
What do you do in D.C.? "I work for some people there... mostly practice law"
Hmmmm. Ever been nominated for anything? (pause) "Yes, I have been nominated for some things."
Anything big? (longer pause) "Yes, president Bush nominated me to be a justice on the Supreme Court."

I know this might not blow anyone away; but, I sat next to the personal legal counsel to President Bush, Harriet Miers! We had a long conversation. She asked my advice on her commencement address for the graduating class at Dallas Christian. She gave me a book... and signed it! And, she rode Southwest! I bet Alito, Roberts and the rest of those justices don't fly Southwest. In short, I wish she had been approved... we could use someone on the Supreme Court as down to earth and friendly and humble as Harriet.

Check her out on Wikipedia!