Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i am: eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich... mmmmmmmm.
i think: in rapid fire mode
i know: that i don't know everything (finally)
i want: to see a real counter-cultural movement
i have: a minute or two to blog
i wish: i had gone with Apple in the first place
i hate: mayonnaise and the word "discharge"
i miss: late night conversations
i fear: blindness, drowning, and a meaningless life
i feel: the pain of an insult for days afterward
i hear: tostitos crunching in my mouth
i smell: peanuts, tortilla chips and diet dr. pepper
i crave: more time with Amy
i search: for interesting things to read
i wonder: if we will fail in heaven (not sin... fail)
i regret: not studying film in college
i love: the last two hours of the day
i ache: on my left shoulder
i care: more than i act like i do
i always: think of nice things to do
i am not: as arrogant as i used to be
i believe: in grace
i dance: in the 80's preppy style
i sing: constantly
i don't always: like to answer the phone
i fight: brutally
i write: in starts and stops
i win: usually
i lose: and i don't like it
i never: smoke
i confuse: heather thomas with heather locklear
i listen: to OneRepublic religiously
i can usually be found: at home or my office
i am scared: for students living recklessly
i need: a pause in time so that i can take vacation without missing anything
i am happy about: blogging for the first time in a long time!

Thanks Todd (and Robert)