Friday, December 14, 2007

Faith and a Flick

When it comes to drama, I have heard that every story borrows from The Story. And, after thinking about it, I have come to agree with Donald Miller and Mike Metzger that even the form that drama takes borrows from God's redemption epic that is being played out in HD right in front of us.

What I mean is, that the progression of Introduction/Exposition - Conflict - Rising Action - Climax - Resolution is expected every time we watch an episode of "Life" or sit down in a cinema. Why is that? Is there something written down in our code that makes us long to see glimpses of our own story reflected back at us from the screen? I think so. There is something reassuring about knowing where you are in a film. And there is something right and holy about knowing your own part in the moving picture that is human existence.

That fact is amplified when you see a redemptive film that paints a picture of salvation through faith. I am Legend is such a film. It isn't perfect. But, it is redemptive. See it.